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Introducing the SWINGA

Date: 12-01-2021


New to GCCC is the SWINGA Half Dimple ball. This fantastic new product is a perfect training tool for both coaches and players alike. The half-dimple, half-smooth design allows the ball to swing through the air emulating what a batter will face while out on the pitch from a bowler swinging the ball at them.


The Swinga replicates the swing that a player will have to face in a real game situation. It trains the players eye to look carefully at the ball as it approaches to see the shiney (smooth) side of the ball and how the ball may swing so the batter can choose the most appropriate shot to play.


The SWINGA is the same size and virtually the same weight as an authentic leather ball. It bounces off the pitch in a normal fashion. The feeling off the bat is almost identical to a normal ball. But unlike a normal leather ball, where the lacquer and leather will come off quickly, the SWINGA has been engineered with material so it will never stop swinging, won't go out of shape, and can still be used in wet conditions.


You can use the ball for throwdowns, either by hand or using a side-arm ball thrower. You can bowl with it, both swing and spin. It can be used on the bowling machine. It can be used on all surfaces and in wet conditions.

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