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Date: 25-02-2021

My dear old Dad once reminisced to me “you know you’re getting old when what you had as a kid becomes trendy with your own kids”. One may ponder the true meaning of ‘Retro’ when it comes to how old ‘Retro’ really is, and if it’s old enough to be ‘cool/hip/trendy’ once again, or if it should be displayed in a museum?

Stop the pondering and take a look at what’s been happening over the past few years with iconic cricket brands bringing back ‘Retro’ Bat ranges. And the masses of cricketers absolutely jumping on board with it.

Kookaburra ‘Beast’, ‘Ridgeback’, and ‘Bubble’, Gray-Nicolls ’Scoop’, ‘Double-Scoop’ and ‘Powerspot’, Gunn & Moore ‘Maestro’, SS ‘Jumbo’. Just the mention of the names of these bats evokes images of Dean Jones wielding a Ridgeback, playing a swashbuckling pull shot over the fence or the consummate batter, Greg Chappell peeling off another perfect cover drive through the field with his loyal Gray-Nicolls Scoop.

Massive bat profiles, huge chunks of timber and flat faces have become part of the modern cricketer’s arsenal. But there’s still something to be said about those old relics that seem to have stood the test of time. The traditionally rounded profiles and nostalgic sticker designs still capture the imagination of cricketers of all ages. While everything old is new again ‘Retro’ cricket Bats are certainly cool, hip and trendy, and we’re not sure who likes it more the cricket mums and dads or the kids.

So, be ready for more Retro Bats returning to the shelves soon and when they do we can reminisce the greats who brandished them, all while the kids are hip and cool playing to become our next cricket legends.

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