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Parents, you've got three options

1. The Easiest Road - Grab a gift voucher in store or online

2: The Easy Road - We've listed some simple inexpensive products that we know cricketers will love as Christmas Gifts here

3: The Less Easy Road - That's the spirit! Take a look below for some great tips on equipment for the lucky cricketer


Before we get started, a reminder that you can always call 1800 HOWZAT (469 928) and we'll happily help you with any questions you might have. We're also happy to refund/swap any products that may not fit or be suitable come Christmas morning.

You can find all of our products at www.cricketcentre.com.au or view the 76 pages of our digital catalogue here.

Below we've listed a few of the most popular products during this Christmas period and a few pointers to help out the average cricketers parent.


Supporters Products

Perhaps the easiest gift for the cricket fan. This season we’re stocking the new range of Australian Cricket Supporters products from Asics. Sizing is very simple and all necessary measurements you need to find a perfect fit can be found in the product descriptions. Take a look at our supporters range here.


Cricket Bat Covers

A cricket bat cover is often overlooked when cricketers purchase a cricket bat and make for a very useful gift. Bat covers are perfect for junior cricketers who could use a hand carrying their equipment, as in some cases their gear is bigger than they are! You can take a look at our range of cricket bat covers here.


Cricket Bags

Thankfully bags are pretty simple as all bag measurements are displayed in the product descriptions.

In our experience we’ve found that the minimum size for a senior cricketers gear bag is about 107L. If you’re shopping for a junior cricketer, keep the bag under 107L to ensure it’s lightweight and easy for them to carry or wheel.

Find our full range of bags here.


Cricket Bats

Before we get too far into this, you need to know that Cricket Bats come in two different types of wood. 

      • English Willow – These are the vast majority of our cricket bats, suitable for hitting leather balls and for cricketers above 12 years of age
      • Kashmir Willow - A more economic option at approximately $80 and under, these bats are great for backyard cricketers or kids not yet using a leather cricket ball

A correct size is the most important aspect of purchasing a cricket bat. Take a look at the link below to find the correct size.

Cricket bats are a uniquely personal item, we recommend consulting with the future user on any possible cricket bat purchase for Christmas. Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, follow the links below to take a look at our range

Bat Preparation

      • Most English Willow Cricket bats need preparation before use, make sure you show this video to the lucky cricketer


Batting Gloves

It's important to find out if your cricketer bats left or right handed.

Levels of protection can be best broken down by price.

Beginner $10- $45, Intermediate cricketer, $45 - $80 Serious Cricketer & $80+ Top Level.

Find our range of cricket gloves here.


Batting Pads

Please find out if your cricketer bats left or right handed.

Size Guide.

Levels of protection can be best broken down by price.

$0-$40 Beginner, $40- $75 Intermediate cricketer, $75 - $99 Serious Cricketer, $99+ Top Level.

Find our full range of batting gloves here.



These can be very simple, provided that you have the players head measurement. All of our helmets are sized by head circumference (forehead) and most are designed so they can accommodate a variety of head shapes.

Generally the higher priced helmets are lighter.

All our helmets meet the Australian and New Zealand protection standards.

Find our fill range here.



Spikes are designed for cricketers who play in turf pitches, but all can be modified so they are appropriate on synthetic (or carpet) pitches

Rubbers are designed for cricketers who play only on concrete and synthetic pitches. These shoes are much more common with junior cricketers

The vast majority of cricket footwear is based of running shoes. In the big brands like, Asics, adidas and New Balance you can simply purchase the same size cricket shoes as your runners.

Find our full range here.


Thanks for shopping with the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre.





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