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Our Top 6 T20 Bats

Our Top 6 Twenty20 Bats

SS Jumbo Range - Link

What more is there to say about the SS Jumbo? It was the weapon of choice for Sir Vivian Richards through the peak of his playing career and with its shape being a modernised replica of what it was many years ago, the Jumbo will have you clearing boundaries all day long. The Jumbo is available in a few different grades of timber, from a premium Grade 1 English Willow through to a more budget conscious Grade 4 English Willow. If you've got a soft spot for an old classic, then the Jumbo is the big-hitting bat for you.


PUMA Stealth - Link

The PUMA STEALTH is an exact replica of the extremely popular PLATINUM Black Edition, with its full players style profile designed to help you bash the ball over the rope. With its massive edges and true middle, the STEALTH becomes a weapon when placed in the right hands. Available in a high-quality Grade 2 English Willow, the STEALTH is both affordable and punishing at the same time. If you love the PLATINUM Black but can't quite justify the cost, then the Puma Stealth is an easy choice.


Steeden Magnum - Link

The Steeden Magnum continues to uphold its reputation of having one of the largest bat profiles on record, making it perfect for big-hitting in those final few overs of every match. With its incredibly large sweet spot and finely selected Grade 2 English Willow, the Magnum is a great value option for anyone looking to find a high-quality bat. The Magnum is one of our best value bats and if you love a bit of bargain hunting, then this is the bat for you.


Bubble II Range - Link

The Bubble is back with a vengeance in 2014, with the Bubble II maintaining its predecessor's reputation for having a nice full profile to go along with only the finest English Willow. With its slightly higher profile and less weight through the toe of the bat, the Bubble II picks up like no other. This pick-up combined with the fullness of the bat through its centre means it's for those players that want to hit the ball hard and make sure it stays hit. Available in a few different types of English Willow, the Bubble II caters for any cricketer's desires. Whether you're a weekend warrior or the next Ian Healy, this bat will bring you more runs than anyone could ask for.


SS Gladiator - Link

The SS Gladiator is back again in 2014 and is still one of the best bats on offer to our customers here at  Greg Chappell Cricket Centre. With its slightly thicker handle and tight, straight grains, the Gladiator is perfect for launching balls back over the bowler's head with ease. Available in Players quality English Willow, the Gladiator is an extremely good value bat for those that are seeking only the best.


Zona Range - Link

The first time you pick up a Gunn & Moore Zona, you'd be forgiven for thinking the bat was a test dummy of sorts. With its unusual swelling through the middle of the bat, the Zona packs a serious punch when striking the ball with force. This swelling accompanied by the offset edges that the Zona offers creates a large middle like no other. Available in both Players and Grade 1 English Willow, the Zona is designed for both the serious big-hitting cricketer and those who like to work the ball through the gaps.


These are just six of our best T20 bats on offer, so come in store today and check out our full range of bats.


Good luck on the weekend!



Sam Phiilips - The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre




More about Sam:

For those of you that don't know me (99.9% of you reading this), my name is Sam Phillips and I'm a casual employee of our Albion store in Brisbane, with my other priority being the completion of my Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Queensland.

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