Pixel Tracking

1800 Howzat



Youth XS = (5-10)
Youth S = (10-14)
Adult M = (Standard Adult)
Adult XL = (Large Adult)

Size: Select your band length by player height

125cm-135cm tall = 13cm band
135cm-145cm tall = 14cm band
145cm-155cm tall = 15cm band
155cm-165cm tall = 16cm band
165cm-175cm tall = 17cm band
175cm-185cm tall = 18cm band
185cm+ = 19cm band

The fantasic new TECHSHOT is now available in all nine GCCC stores nation wide. All products are currently available here via pre-order with orders being dispatched the next working day.


One of the best batting training innovations in years, the TECHSHOT is must have for club preseason sessions and every players kit bag, trains the late striking position by limiting the extension of the leading arm, encourages the batter to position their body in a stable position for maximum shot efficiency through more effective body positioning and a high leading elbow, the batter will start to hit the ball straighter, with more power, and hit less balls in the air by providing instant feedback, and through repetitive use, Techshot converts the techniques learnt to muscle memory.



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