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Kookaburra Ghost Pro Players Pads

Date: 24-Sep-2018


Ghost is a front runner for one of the most popular ranges in Kookaburra’s history.

It traditionally features products with a white colour base and understated graphics, giving off a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ vibe.

The Pro Players pads are the top-of-the-line product in the Ghost range. The pads feature peaked cane protection reinforced by lightweight high density foam with a single piece side wing.

The results = a traditional pad with great protection and a lightweight feel.

The multi piece internal shin bolsters and 3D knee roll are designed with the batter’s stance in mind. The bolsters feature a wide centre piece, with narrower lateral pieces – allowing for a better ‘wrap’, while the 3D style knee cup keeps the knee safe and in position. The calf and ankle straps are 50mm with a Velcro fasting. This wider strap sits firmly over the leg muscles without feeling like its digging in.

These features combined give the Ghost Pro players pad a fantastic feel whether you are taking stance or scoring a run. A favourite from Kookaburra and this year is no exception.


Yours in Cricket,