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GCCC size guide for batting gloves:


Important considerations when purchasing the right pair of batting gloves:

Left or Right Handed 

Left or Right Handed
Easy, do you play left or right handed? Don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong gloves. They are labelled RH or LH normally with the initial of the size before the particular style of batsman that you are. Eg: ARH = Adults Right Hand.

The sizing is the most important part when purchasing a pair of batting gloves. The sizes that are available are Oversize Adult (Large), Adult (Medium), Small Adults (Small), Youth, Junior. Small Junior, XS Junior. If you are able to try the glove on then there are some key indicators to tell you if you the glove is too big or small:

If there is material over hang in the palm then the glove is too big, this will become uncomfortable with use. 
If the fingers are more then 1 cm from the tip of the glove then it is another sign that the gloves are too big. If the fingers can touch the tip and it is uncomfortable then look to going for the next size up if possible. 
If you cannot try on the glove then the best way to work out what size you are is to match your age with the size: 
OS Adults – Large Hands generally people over 6ft 
Adults – Generally 16 years and above 
Youths – Ages of 12-15 years 
Junior - Ages 10-11 years 
Small Junior – Ages 8-9 years
XS Junior - Ages 5-7 years
XXS Junior - Ages 2-5 years

The cost of gloves varies of course with the quality of glove that you wish to use. A brief overview that shows why gloves fit into certain price points
The best gloves are made from the highest quality Pittards leather or sheepskin. They are excellent in absorbing perspiration, are extremely comfortable and durable. These gloves sometimes have soft back fill and have high impact pro guards inserted in the makeup of the glove for added protection. 
The second tier of batting glove has a calf skin palm as the leather used. The gloves are generally made with plastizote filling and are often pre curved for comfort and flexibility. 
The entry point in batting glove is made for the player who wants a glove that will simply ‘do the job’. The gloves have suede leather which is cool and absorbs sweat through the pain or have a cotton plam. The gloves generally have a one piece PVC cover guard on the individual fingers. These gloves are made with all ages and sizes in mind. 


Sausage Finger

Split Finger

There are two different styles of batting gloves that combine with other variables to make a difference that is visible and noticeable when you use the product. Some gloves are split fingered and the others are sausage rolled fingers. The two styles are different in feel and have contrasting comfort ability. The flexibility in the sausage fingers gloves is generally not as good as the split fingered batting gloves but is commonly known to have greater protection, but with the added guards that are placed in all batting gloves at the top end both gloves are excellent in quality and protection. It is up to the individual and the preference that feels most comfortable. 

All brands cover price points that relate to the quality of the product extremely well. The way in which you chose which glove to purchase may well be based on the brand, but it should not take away from the most important aspect when buying a glove and that is to make sure that the glove you choose has the comfort and quality that suits the type of player that you are.

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