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90 x 35 x 35cm = 110L

TC Range
Travel smart, with clever design. A guarantee in the game is that you'll always need to transport your tools. The TC bag range achieves the ideal balance of functionality and form, so that your most valued assets are always well maintained.

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delivery times

Standard Post times:

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Getting Started

Every bat must be either oiled and/or have extratec applied prior to using the bat against a ball.

Oiling – maintains moisture levels in bats & reduces the chances of splitting and cracking. Use a cloth to apply oil to the bat. Apply oil to the face, edges & blade avoiding the splice & labels (Only exposed timber should be oiled). Generally 3-4 initial coats should be sufficient and one coat every 3-4 weeks thereafter. Each coat should be allowed to dry into the blade in a horizontal position for around 24 hours.

Extratec – is a clear self-adhesive protective cover for your bat, covering the entire hitting area. It is by far the best form of protection & 90% of customers enjoy the benefits of applying it to their bats. It also keeps the moisture in the bat but it’s still a very good idea to oil the exposed timber once every 8 weeks or so with a very light coat.

*The ideal preparation is to apply two light coats of oil to the face and back of the bat & one coat to the edges; do all knocking in with a mallet whilst the bat still has a natural face; then apply extratec sheet once the oil has dried. You are now ready to start hitting balls*

The Knocking In Stage

Knocking in is the process by which the grains & fibres in the bat are compressed & strengthened to prepare it for use. This process is vital for all English Willow bats and must be performed with patience & care. The best thing to use is either a bat mallet or ball mallet to prepare your new bat. To do this you will need to spend anywhere up to 16 hours ‘knocking in’ the bat. Pressing the bat will begin the knocking-in process and reduce the overall time needed with the mallet. There are 4 areas that need to be prepared on your bat: the face, the toe & each edge. Your main areas of focus should be the edges & the toe, but you will still need to spend some time (1 hour should be sufficient) on the face. Starting off softly and building up, hit straight on the face of the bat close to the edge. After a couple of hours, glance the mallet off the edges at a slight angle, but not hitting into the edge, this will slowly make your edges rounder. The rounder the edges the stronger they are, so you want to aim to get them as round as possible! The same applies for the toe, but this should be hit on the bottom 10cm on the face of the bat. Remember it’s very important to be hitting the bat quite hard

with the mallet towards the end of this process to prepare the bat for match use. Once you have completed the knocking in process with the mallet, take the bat to the nets with an old leather ball. Start with throw downs & work up from there. You should be hitting the ball gently at first and harder as you progress. Inspect the bat after every shot played, if you see any dents or seam marks in the bat then it is not ready for use yet & must be pulled away from ball use immediately. It means you still need to do more work with the mallet! (You should spend at least another half hour on each area if indentations occur). Repeat the above knocking in process until you think your bat is ready for another net session. By the end of this process you should be hitting a ball as hard as you can, facing a fast bowler without the bat showing any denting or seam marks from the ball. If this is the case, your bat is ready for match use! The overall process should take around 2 weeks & there is no limit on the amount of hours & effort you spend knocking in your bat. The more work the better! This means the bat will last longer and perform better.


Things to remember!

• A cricket bat is NOT going to look new forever & cracks will appear on the willow.

• The lifespan of a bat depends on the amount of use & the care taken for your bat (keep out of excessively warm conditions & wet weather) + We recommend that a toe guard/shoe goo should be fitted for extra protection against toe damage.

• The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre needs to see the product to arrange the correct course of action following a warranty claim.

Currently there is no standard remedy for a warranty claim and the course of action depends on the circumstances. A course of action may include repair, replacement, refund or having the service performed again. The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre will deal with any return of a product purchased from any of our stores or online, and we will always assess the claim in adherence with the Australian Consumer Law. All cricket bats sold by GCCC have a 12-month warranty provided by the manufacturer against damage deemed not be the fault of the customer, and all warranty assessments and decisions are at the discretion of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover:

• Yorker damage to the toe.

• Surface damage to the face, edge or toe that occurs due to a lack of preparation (knocking-in) or inaccurate play.

• Damage due to moisture or extreme heat, or damage that occurs because of improper use.

• Damage resulting from the use of non-leather or composite balls, including bowling machine balls.

Please note – the use of bowling machine balls can and may void your warranty.

Bats with broken handles, cracks and other minor problems that occur within the time and scope of the manufacturer warranty will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. It takes an average of 10 working days to assess and/or repair the problem in conjunction with manufacturer. Most claims cannot be remedied on the spot. When making a warranty claim a proof of purchase needs to be provided to the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre by the customer. This needs to come in the form of a receipt which is provided by the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre with every purchase or a valid bank statement. You can find more information about warranties & repairs online at

Please remember that Cricket Bats are made from a natural material that has the incredibly hard task of hitting a solid object repeatedly. A small amount of cracking is normal & has no impact on the performance of the bat. Small cracks can usually be sanded out and have been appearing on cricket bats for centuries! Cracking is not a sign of a faulty bat, but an indication your bat requires further knocking in.

CLICK HERE if you still require more information on Bat Preperation

All other products not listed, and any products out of this warranty period, will be assessed by the GCCC and the manufacturer on a goodwill basis.

For any concerns, queries or claims, please email or free call 1800 HOWZAT (469 928).