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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is your Catalogue released?
A. The annual Greg Chappell Cricket Centre Catalogue is released August 1st each year. You should receive your copy by mail shortly after that if you have requested one to be posted.
Click here to request a GCCC Catalogue

Q. Do you knock bats in?
A. No. All bats receive a press free of charge before leaving the store. This reduces the time you need to spend preparing the bat. Knocking in must preformed manually by the individual and can vary with every bat. Please click here to view a video on how to best knock in your bat!

Q. What is Extratec?
A. Extratec is a clear abrasive film which self-adheres to the face of the bat to help prevent damage to the blade. It assists in the knocking-in process and prolong the life of the bat.
Click here to be directed to the Bat Care Page

Q. Is my bat ready to use immediately when I get it?
A. No. Even after a press or pre-preparation (Extratec) your bat will require a further 5-6 hours knocking in before they are ready for use in match conditions.
Click here to learn how to knock your bat in

Q. Does the Greg Chappell Cricket Centre price match?
A. Yes! The Greg Chappell Cricket Centre now offers Price matching! - click here for terms and conditions.

Q. The product on the website says "out of stock". Can I still order this?
A. Maybe. Please contact the GCCC, prior to purchase, through 1800 HOWZAT (469 928) or email to to see if the product can be ordered in.

Q. Are your online stock levels accurate?

A. Our online stock levels are kept as accurately as possible and indicate stock availability from individual stores and our combined stock levels throughout all store locations. Whilst measures are in place to ensure 100% accuracy, it is important to note this cannot be guaranteed, nor is it implied to be error free. All online stock indications should be used as a guide only, this applies to both in-store purchases and online orders.

Q. How long do the Custom Made items take to arrive and how much are they?
A. Delivery timeframes can vary depending on the items you have purchased. More accurate information can be given to you during the ordering process as various factors can change the timeframes.

Q. How much is embroidery on shirts or caps?
A. Embroidery prices vary depending on what you are wanting. The general pricing is a follows;

Set up fee - $40.00 - this is a one of fee that you will never have to pay again.

Logo - $7.00 per position on article - If you are getting your logo and text underneath the price remains $7.00. Please note that if you require different logos on multiple locations on the article ie, front of the article as well as the side the cost will be $14.00

Text - $4.00 per position on article - this is if you are only wanting text with no logo. Please note that if you require text on multiple locations on the article ie, front of the article as well as the back the cost will be $8.00. **There is no set up fee for text only**



Q. How much is delivery?
A. All orders going to a location within Australia are charged according to the weight of your parcel. Overseas orders are charged on a per kilo basis. For more info, see the ‘Delivery’ section, underneath every product page on the website.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?
A. Different areas of Australia and the World have different delivery times. See the 'Delivery' section, underneath every product page on the website.

Q. How do I track my parcel?
A. Please visit and use your tracking number provided to track your parcel. Alternativly call your local Australia Post and they will assist with your tracking.



Q. Do I get a warranty with my bat?
A. Your bat will be covered by a manufacturer's warranty for the period of 365 days. Repair, replacement, credit, refund or having the service performed again, will be the course of action for any warranty claims.

Q. I have received a faulty item, how do I resolve this?
A. In the unlikely event that goods are faulty upon receipt, please contact your local store or our customer service team as soon as possible so we can resolve the matter. We will endeavour to make the process of replacement as convenient as possible.



Q. What time are you open?
A. Our stores have varying opening hours and operate extending hours during peak periods. Check the stores individual page on our website for the most up-to-date opening times and contact details.

A. Please request a password reset from the account login page by simply clicking on the 'forgotten password' option. Once you have entered a valid account email address a password reset email will be mailed to the email address provided. This is an automated process so the email should be sent almost immediately. If you do not receive this email please check any spam or filter settings on your computer as the email may have been flagged as spam or moved to a junk email folder. If you have changed email addresses and no longer have access to the original account email you'll either need to create a new account, with a new email address, or contact us to request a password reset.

Q. Is the 'Free Shipping' offer applicable for International customers?
A. Unfortunately the ‘Free Shipping’ offer is only offered for domestic (Australia) customers only.